Week 23 – Moving Toward the Finish Line

finish line 2

I AM in awe of all the awesome things that have manifested in my life from being a part of MKMMA.

From the starting line, in position open and receptive to meeting my future self the journey of discovery began slowly.  As with learning any “new” thing it was evident that personal commitment, perseverance and laser-focus had to be my daily vitamins.  In the process, as I continue to use the tools, speak aloud the affirmations, sit and meditate I can see myself (like the girl in the glass) transform.  All of my senses have heightened and like a magnet, I attracted like unto myself.  I witness the law of reciprocity in kindness active and present each day from a simple smile or hug to others giving to me without my mention of being in need.

I have a clear understanding that thoughts do become things; that any thought held long enough will manifest itself in the physical and I have what I think about most.  I have learned that my peptides and neurons fire and wire together as an electrical circuit system and when those babies, ignite positive good thoughts follow and simultaneously un-wire any negative thoughts, which fizzle with no life.

I see the law of attraction at work and marvel at the link between natural, universal and spiritual laws and amazed at how it all works together for good.

Though my journey began slowly and I am moving toward the finish line of this course.  I AM eternally grateful to God for the opportunity to participate in what has been life-altering and life-changing.   While the course may end, the work continues because I am the “star” of my own movie and write each chapter through my creative imagination and thoughts.  I see myself win!



Week 22(a) – “I Am an Antenna, I Attract ALL Good to Me”


This week (22a) something happened, the OS (operating system) on my cell phone died.  Yes, completely discombobulated my cell.  I was unable to even call the provider for assistance.  I observed calmness within myself, which 5 months ago my pants would have been all in a bunch.  This all happened after I got home from work on Monday, March 9th when I attempted to make a call.

Immediately, I reached for my handy weapons, it’s part of me after 21 weeks, so I just do it….prayer, check; affirmations, check; compass, ear phones to plug into my own recorded voice and listen to my DMP, BP, etc, check!  I smiled, then set aside my tools and thought WOW, what did I do when I had no cell, no cable, and no means of device communication?  This didn’t hurt at all!

I welcomed the peace from the hustle and bustle of everyday movement to still my body, mind and spirit.  By now, it was about seven-thirty in the evening.  Inhaling 3 deep breaths and exhaling slowly, I noticed the rhythm of my breathing and heart beats slowed down.  Even with lights on I focused on the opposite wall where the flat screen TV was perched ever so neatly upon its stand.  The only noise I heard was coming from outside, cars passing and an occasional door close from neighbors nearby.   With intent focus and concentration on 1 thing – “the best is already in me” I continued to  cleared my thoughts of everything else and look at the wall.  Sporadically, waves of interruptions would shoot quickly like lightening attempting to disengage my concentration to something unconstructive.  In a split millimeter of a second, I visualized a bear holding a hot kettle which it couldn’t drop because it was so hot and just held on to it.  That visualization shifted my thoughts from that the nagging negative interruptions to quickly dissolving them in order to carry on my positive mission.  Unaware of what time I began to sit silently (time didn’t even seem to matter); only a peace that I am unable to describe filled within me.  So, I sat and sat and sat.  I felt I was being gently pulled into the center of light, connected and free.  It was if I was a human antenna, vibrating and oscillating at high frequencies ~ radiating and receiving energy.  I really cannot say how long this experience was only that it was, and it was phenomenal.

I got up from my usual “sit” spot and felt euphoric, almost giddy but charged at the same time.  I know I had to prepare for work for the next day, yet I felt no urgency.  Approaching my bed, climbing in I lay quietly, smiling and observed not an audible voice, but an inner voice say, “all is well with you”.  Moments later I drifted effortlessly to sleep with the thought, “I am an antenna, I attract all good to me”.


The next morning shortly after arriving to work I used the land line on my desk phone to contact my cell phone provider.  I was transferred numerous times but finally reached tech support who remotely checked the OS on my phone.  You see, we are creatures of habit and my cell phone had to work!  I was told, to my surprise, my cell phone shut down due to 6 updates that were necessary for its proper operation.  I was given instructions and steps to follow once I got home so I could make sure the battery was fully charged in order to do the updates.  Approximately, four hours later my phone was back in operation.  Though relieved my cell phone was now operable, the experience I the night before was so awesome that I was eager to encounter it again.  You see, “I am an antenna, I attract all good to me”.



Week 13 – “I’m a Lion”

“I am a lion and I refuse to walk, to talk or to sleep with sheep” ~ Og Mandino


in spite of the holiday distractions around me I affirm, I can be what I will to be.  I retract in stillness as I focus on my target in the darkness of my daily “sit”.  I hold firm, waiting for guidance by the light and direction through my trusty compass into my glorious future.

I stand tall for I am reminded daily by the girl in the glass, of my birthright power.

I am strong and courageous fighting the good fight of faith with my Blueprint, DMP and Dream Board.  It is not easy for diversions attempt to trick me into slothfulness with scrumptious, luscious, delightful aromas and food.  I am steadfast inspite of the brief pleasure and indulgence.  I refuse to lie down with sheep.

I am wise, royal and roar aloud as I decree the best is already in me.  I am a leader and protect good with feelings of love, joy, and peace.  I demonstrate my authority with temperance and with quite stealth I annihilate evil images.  I am a lion, therefore, I refuse to talk with sheep.

My regal head held high I conduct myself with dignity and create with purpose my destiny, no matter what…I do it now.  I stand victorious cleansed from the past and move with precision into the sunlight of wealth, position and happiness far beyond my most extravagant dreams.

With outstretched arms, I greet my future self.  I am a lion and I refuse to walk with sheep.

Week 21 – Know the Truth, I AM set Free

Universe within

For our exercise this week, we are to concentrate on the Truth.  Only Truth can set the captive free.

How do I begin? I sit in silence; I allow the opportunity of a quickening, or in the best way I can describe, an awakening to the awesome potential of the power within to know Truth.  I become aware of the limitless power within.  I know the truth and I AM set free.

How do I recognize Truth?  Through using my mind, my thought, in concentration and understanding that God is and has no limitations.  Therefore, there is nothing that can permanently stand in my way of perfect success when I learn to apply the correct thought methods and principles (Haanel, Charles F. (2011-10-13). The Master Key System).

I know that things are not exactly as they appear but are temporary, subject to change.  The world’s view of truth is only natural and tangible. Tangible are things I can see, touch, understand and frequently manipulate and guess what, the world system is limited to the present time which stifles truth.

 Know the Truth

There are intangible things I cannot see, but encompasses all that is outside the natural realm.  I AM an extension of the Omniscience (all knowing), Omnipotent (all powerful), Omnipresent (unlimited to be everywhere at all times) nature of God and so, I have the power to change conditions.  I know the truth and I AM set free.

By changing my thoughts and my mental attitude, in turn my personality; I attract change in my experiences.  As I focus my thoughts on things that are true, things that are honestthings that are just, things that are pure, things that are of a good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, I think on these things. (Philippians 4:8) I bring the same to me.

In my times of silence as I continue to sit and replace negative pictures, thoughts, visualization with positive ones, the Creator rearranges the Universe on my behalf to return to me the source of all good, harmony and power. We are One and I know the Truth, I AM set free.

Week 20 – I AM is Everything!


I AM, two words that hold all power.  I AM is that, and that over there and even that over there, it is ALL and inclusive of everything.

I AM allows me Free will = my choice in deciding a particular plan of action not influenced by any one or thing.  I AM held accountable to “self”.  It is bigger than that.  I believe much bigger.

Harmony is essential to live a balanced life – mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially. To be healthy, it is imperative to stay laser-focused on all that is positive.  Our bodies are an intricate highway of electronic impulses continuously conveying messages by means of vibrations.  Thinking positive and good are high vibrations that attract the equivalent and return the identical to us.  Thinking negative and bad are lower vibrations and operates in equal manner.  In other words, you get what you put out.

I AM in me has the power to annihilate all negative when I decide to replace it with positive thoughts. Therefore, good vibrations govern, control, change and/or destroys lower vibrations.  Good and evil cannot operate at the same time and space; because one cancels the other.

For instance, a report has been given on a particular diagnosis.  That diagnosis is based on scientific criteria and fact spoken by a physician and written or typed in words called a test.  That is considered “natural/scientific”.  We, however, have been created in the image and likeness of our Creator which is spirit thus we are spirit, first.  Then, given a vessel to cover the spirit and live.  Our Creator is everywhere, in everything, all the time and has given us the same characteristics and power.  Our Creator spoke and all things came into existence.  Therefore, we have the ability to do the same….speak and concentrate on a positive outcome in lieu of accepting a negative one about a diagnosis.

I am a living testimony of having had a diagnosis of an abnormal thyroid condition in 1989 and was given Synthroid to take by the physician for the rest of my life.  Not in denial, however, I believed that my body could heal itself.  I had blood tests, took Synthroid for 3 months in the fourth month I was told I needed to have a form of radiation.  No no and more no.  Determined to not be on Synthroid the rest of my life and never to have radiation, I decided to and setout to make a change.

Prayer changes things

I changed what I consumed and took a natural wholistic approach using natural measures. I eliminated all white foods (rice, flour, bread), no diary, no beef, no pork, drank alkaline water and committed to prayer sitting still everyday at the same time in the same place.  I did not listen to, watch nor was around anyone negative as much as within my power.  I took Chlorella which is a single cell algae and ate loads of green vegetables.  Three months later, I went to have my blood tests and the fourth month my physician called and asked me to come in.  I was unusually calm for I knew in my inner self what the report would be.  When the physician entered she looked at me quizzically, looked at the clip board then back at me then back at the clipboard then said, “ I don’t understand you have no signs of an abnormal thyroid at all, what have you been doing?”.  I smiled, and told her and to my surprise she said, “Whatever, keep doing it – toss the Synthroid in the garbage”.  I never looked back.

Faith - Mustard Sees

There is nothing new under the sun.  Miracles are all around us and I know if you look closely enough and re-wind your mental tape you have had miracles alot of them, like I did too! I AM nature’s greatest miracle.  I AM whole, perfect, strong, POWERFUL, loving, harmonious and happy.

Week 19 – ‘Cause I’m Happy!

Happy 3

When I am happy, I perform better in all areas of my life.  So, what does it mean to be happy?

Ok, I’ll try not to get too technical but I discovered there are two types of happiness.  Synthetic and natural.

Synthetic happiness:  I can create my own happiness, it’s like a mental immune system.  I don’t need to get what I want to be happy.  I can be just as happy if I don’t get what I want, as I can if I get what you want.  How?  I can manufacture my own happiness.  It’s called synthetic happiness.  I have the capacity to create happiness within myself rather than depend on experiences.

It’s a system of cognitive processes, largely non-conscious cognitive processes, that help me change my views of the world so I can feel better about the world I find myself in.

Natural happiness:  Natural happiness is what I get when I get what I want.

  • A happy life is not always about getting what you want. It is about learning to enjoy what you get.
  • Synthetic happiness is not “cheating” yourself  to be happier.
  • Natural happiness primarily relies on external factors whereas Synthetic happiness primarily relies on internal factors.  As such, Synthetic happiness can be a more long-term, stable form of happiness than natural happiness.
  • General happiness in life comes from the relationship between Natural happiness and Synthetic happiness. 

Life doesn’t get better then I get happy, no no, it’s the other way around…I get happy then life gets better!  I used to think that “when I got the degree, got the car, get the new place and so on” then I’ll be happy.   This is the world systems backwards programming of my thought process.  This system brain washed me into thinking that I must first obtain stuff then be happy.

It is a natural, universal and spiritual fact that when I am happy my cells emit strong positive vibrations that attract the same back to me. Thus, I have more and more to be happy about.  When old blue prints (negative thoughts) attempt to surface the good, right, positive thoughts cease for the two are unable to operate at the same time. Ultimate goal…be happy!

There are five things that create happiness within me:

Gratitude.  The more grateful (a cause, not an effect) I am, the more things tend to show up for me to be grateful about.

Kindness.  Being nice because I want to not because I expect someone to be nice in return.  When I am kind, kindness returns to me.  I don’t have to ask, it just happens.

Love.  The intense deep feeling I have within to share outwardly with others without condition or reciprocity.  Demonstrating love makes me feel good and I ‘m a magnet, it comes back to me.

Exercise.  Physical activity triggers my brain to release chemicals called endorphins that cause me to feel good and happy.

Sit in Silence.  Meditation allows me to increase my happiness by detaching from my emotions, instead of becoming consumed by them.

I worked so hard to be successful at a certain levels when that wasn’t enough I felt I was no-thing, a failure.  The ideas of others affected me and when I took action to get that approval and did not receive it I lived in confusion as well as self-defeating behavior.  Because I believed that I only had power as long as I had those “things”.

Metamorphosis:  discovery

I have the power within to create the conditions that I need on demand by my thoughts effortlessly because I understand that my thoughts become “things”.  My ego no longer calls the shots instead it is my higher self creating my future.  If happiness is on the other side of success I never get there.  But, I get there cause I’m happy.



Week 18 – I Am A Hero

Businesswoman executive in focus on blurry background

The definition of hero is a person admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities; any person who tries to improve the world.  I am a hero.

I bear fruit each day as I press forth in lieu of opposition toward accomplishment of my goals.  Like a shot of double espresso surging through my brain thus my body, I call on discipline, determination and dedication within beyond human explanation.  I am a hero.

Through practice, patience, persistence as well as application, affirmation and attraction I smash down the old blueprint that stands ever ready to attack. Inspite of the nasty darts tossed at my thoughts to deter me from my future self, I concentrate.  With a vivid picture of celebration in dance and praise I glimpse at what I desire to be.  I am a hero.

The harder things “seem” to become, the more that “seems” to tap me on the shoulder of positive direction tempting to whip me around facing my old blueprient.  I stop everything and I am still.  Aware of my breathing and all that is, I relinquish my humanness and again go within.  With every rise of my chest I capture these words…honor, courage, royalty, strength and leader.  I am a hero.

What appears to others as me being stagnate (I know they are watching me – they only see me from one perspective)I see me whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy and I smile because I am free.  You see, I am  free to to love and to give without reciprocity which flows effortlessly back to me.


Today I begin a new life…I can be what I will to be…The best is already in meI persist, I succeed, I win…I always keep my promises.  I AM A Hero

Week 17 – I Think and It Shall Be


think 1

Man has dominion over all things which is established through thought.  Thought is the substance that moves vibrations outward to attract like unto itself.  I think and it shall be.

With this understanding, I know I have enormous power to create through persistent concentrated effort to bring into existence what I give my attention to…good or bad.  It is a choice, I choose good. Depending on the intensity which I give to my thoughts the vibrations propel outward to take tangible form, and sometimes very quickly.

As with all things I desire to be successful in, I must practice concentrated good thoughts on what I desire to return back to me. Thus, the Spirit of a “thing” is the thing itself.  I dwell not on negative thoughts but replace it with positive thoughts.  For, what I think about shall be.

To eliminate fear, I concentrate on courage

To eliminate lack, I concentrate on abundance

To eliminate disease, I concentrate on health.  (Haanel, Charles F. (2012-11-03). THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM – The Secret of All Power, All Achievement and All Possession.)

How, do I do this when all around me is contrary?  It is work, however, I think on principles that will guide me out of the shadows into the sunlight of wealth, position and happiness.  As long as I think it “is” it will be.

I plant good seed in good soil and the results of the fruit thereof is good.  I persist in love, I give without condition, I think and it shall be.

Week 16 – What You Do Comes Back to You


Thousands of chemical reactions go on in our brain every second.  There is a release of Serotonin;  a neurotransmitter, transmitting nerve impulses, that helps maintain a “happy feeling.

I love that Serotonin feeling when I show acts of kindness and the recipient receives it and glows.  I am charged up like an ever ready battery.  More, more I want to do more; I desire to give more.

This week I was more aware of countless acts of kindness all around me.  I witnessed powerful vibrations shifting back and forth like ping pong balls from one person to another.  Oh, it wasn’t just people I saw it demonstrated in, it was animals too!  A dog looking up to its master with so much compassion it took my breath away.  A baby smiling without hesitation when spoken to; a co-worker sharing her lunch with another co-worker; the doorman assisting visitors getting out of the limo coming into the building.  I mean 24/7 acts of kindness were obvious, there shouting hey, hey look at me.  I heard, “thank you…I love you…you’re welcome…may I help you….oh, I’ve got that” so much more this week.  And, the awesome thing is the Master Teacher said, “seek and ye shall find”.  Bingo, determined to seek out kindness it showed up everywhere and now I do not have to seek, it’s there…it’s always been there, waiting for me to notice.

IMG_0438 8 1


Like a kid in a candy store I stand in awe of kindness.  I know that the law is in effect and the kindness I release flows effortlessly back to me.  It is beyond fantastic, it is infinitely amazing!

Serotonin has a compound effect like rice krispies…snap, crackle and pop charging me to the point well, where I too glow.  I’m a floodlight bouncing off my kindness energy onto the next entity I engage.  Ahh, and soon creating an invisible electrical connection that the world lights up along with me.  Because you know, what you do comes back to you.

7 6

Week 15 – I’m Connecting the Dots!


This week’s exercise describes an agreement.  An orderly combination of elements that promotes Harmony.

To achieve balance on all planes of existence means I must cultivate positive thoughts to produce positive results.  Harmony is the connection of the five pillars of life (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial) that cause me to become inspired, reverent and in right relationship with all that is.

How do I accomplish harmony?  By entertaining only positive thoughts, speech and action for I reap what I sow.  Should a negative thought try to influence my subconscious (i.e., my subby) I think of a trap.  A trap catches, confines then eradicates whatever is wedged in it.  It is my responsibility to overcome fear, lack, poverty, and discord by the principle of substitution.  Do you see the connection?

It is written in the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth that a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways and that whatever and however I think, I am.  Fear and faith cannot co-exist; neither can poverty (lack) exist at the same time as abundance; nor discord exists at the same time as harmony.  One certainly cancels out the other.  Thus, I release that which no longer serves me and I issue an eviction notice to all negatives!  I give into my thought process what I want and focus on that, feel the feeling of “it” and the compound progressions bring about harmony!  I feel the connection.

Always challenged by circumstances around me, I am no longer affected by what others think of me, that is not my business.  Instead, I pull out my index cards, speak aloud my Blueprint, relive one nice moment that happens in the course of my day, identify kindness, continue to reaffirm my DMP, think/speak/act in love, sit and pray.

With all of the ingredients in agreement, I rest in harmony, I’m connecting the dots!