Week 19 – ‘Cause I’m Happy!

Happy 3

When I am happy, I perform better in all areas of my life.  So, what does it mean to be happy?

Ok, I’ll try not to get too technical but I discovered there are two types of happiness.  Synthetic and natural.

Synthetic happiness:  I can create my own happiness, it’s like a mental immune system.  I don’t need to get what I want to be happy.  I can be just as happy if I don’t get what I want, as I can if I get what you want.  How?  I can manufacture my own happiness.  It’s called synthetic happiness.  I have the capacity to create happiness within myself rather than depend on experiences.

It’s a system of cognitive processes, largely non-conscious cognitive processes, that help me change my views of the world so I can feel better about the world I find myself in.

Natural happiness:  Natural happiness is what I get when I get what I want.

  • A happy life is not always about getting what you want. It is about learning to enjoy what you get.
  • Synthetic happiness is not “cheating” yourself  to be happier.
  • Natural happiness primarily relies on external factors whereas Synthetic happiness primarily relies on internal factors.  As such, Synthetic happiness can be a more long-term, stable form of happiness than natural happiness.
  • General happiness in life comes from the relationship between Natural happiness and Synthetic happiness. 

Life doesn’t get better then I get happy, no no, it’s the other way around…I get happy then life gets better!  I used to think that “when I got the degree, got the car, get the new place and so on” then I’ll be happy.   This is the world systems backwards programming of my thought process.  This system brain washed me into thinking that I must first obtain stuff then be happy.

It is a natural, universal and spiritual fact that when I am happy my cells emit strong positive vibrations that attract the same back to me. Thus, I have more and more to be happy about.  When old blue prints (negative thoughts) attempt to surface the good, right, positive thoughts cease for the two are unable to operate at the same time. Ultimate goal…be happy!

There are five things that create happiness within me:

Gratitude.  The more grateful (a cause, not an effect) I am, the more things tend to show up for me to be grateful about.

Kindness.  Being nice because I want to not because I expect someone to be nice in return.  When I am kind, kindness returns to me.  I don’t have to ask, it just happens.

Love.  The intense deep feeling I have within to share outwardly with others without condition or reciprocity.  Demonstrating love makes me feel good and I ‘m a magnet, it comes back to me.

Exercise.  Physical activity triggers my brain to release chemicals called endorphins that cause me to feel good and happy.

Sit in Silence.  Meditation allows me to increase my happiness by detaching from my emotions, instead of becoming consumed by them.

I worked so hard to be successful at a certain levels when that wasn’t enough I felt I was no-thing, a failure.  The ideas of others affected me and when I took action to get that approval and did not receive it I lived in confusion as well as self-defeating behavior.  Because I believed that I only had power as long as I had those “things”.

Metamorphosis:  discovery

I have the power within to create the conditions that I need on demand by my thoughts effortlessly because I understand that my thoughts become “things”.  My ego no longer calls the shots instead it is my higher self creating my future.  If happiness is on the other side of success I never get there.  But, I get there cause I’m happy.




2 thoughts on “Week 19 – ‘Cause I’m Happy!

    • Joan, you really inspire me. Thank you for your kind words of wisdom. I believe as long as I am physically on earth that I must grow in mind and in spirit. Almost said body, but I don’t want my body to grow anymore (smile) at least not horizontally. Best regards!


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