Week 21 – Know the Truth, I AM set Free

Universe within

For our exercise this week, we are to concentrate on the Truth.  Only Truth can set the captive free.

How do I begin? I sit in silence; I allow the opportunity of a quickening, or in the best way I can describe, an awakening to the awesome potential of the power within to know Truth.  I become aware of the limitless power within.  I know the truth and I AM set free.

How do I recognize Truth?  Through using my mind, my thought, in concentration and understanding that God is and has no limitations.  Therefore, there is nothing that can permanently stand in my way of perfect success when I learn to apply the correct thought methods and principles (Haanel, Charles F. (2011-10-13). The Master Key System).

I know that things are not exactly as they appear but are temporary, subject to change.  The world’s view of truth is only natural and tangible. Tangible are things I can see, touch, understand and frequently manipulate and guess what, the world system is limited to the present time which stifles truth.

 Know the Truth

There are intangible things I cannot see, but encompasses all that is outside the natural realm.  I AM an extension of the Omniscience (all knowing), Omnipotent (all powerful), Omnipresent (unlimited to be everywhere at all times) nature of God and so, I have the power to change conditions.  I know the truth and I AM set free.

By changing my thoughts and my mental attitude, in turn my personality; I attract change in my experiences.  As I focus my thoughts on things that are true, things that are honestthings that are just, things that are pure, things that are of a good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, I think on these things. (Philippians 4:8) I bring the same to me.

In my times of silence as I continue to sit and replace negative pictures, thoughts, visualization with positive ones, the Creator rearranges the Universe on my behalf to return to me the source of all good, harmony and power. We are One and I know the Truth, I AM set free.


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