Week 22(a) – “I Am an Antenna, I Attract ALL Good to Me”


This week (22a) something happened, the OS (operating system) on my cell phone died.  Yes, completely discombobulated my cell.  I was unable to even call the provider for assistance.  I observed calmness within myself, which 5 months ago my pants would have been all in a bunch.  This all happened after I got home from work on Monday, March 9th when I attempted to make a call.

Immediately, I reached for my handy weapons, it’s part of me after 21 weeks, so I just do it….prayer, check; affirmations, check; compass, ear phones to plug into my own recorded voice and listen to my DMP, BP, etc, check!  I smiled, then set aside my tools and thought WOW, what did I do when I had no cell, no cable, and no means of device communication?  This didn’t hurt at all!

I welcomed the peace from the hustle and bustle of everyday movement to still my body, mind and spirit.  By now, it was about seven-thirty in the evening.  Inhaling 3 deep breaths and exhaling slowly, I noticed the rhythm of my breathing and heart beats slowed down.  Even with lights on I focused on the opposite wall where the flat screen TV was perched ever so neatly upon its stand.  The only noise I heard was coming from outside, cars passing and an occasional door close from neighbors nearby.   With intent focus and concentration on 1 thing – “the best is already in me” I continued to  cleared my thoughts of everything else and look at the wall.  Sporadically, waves of interruptions would shoot quickly like lightening attempting to disengage my concentration to something unconstructive.  In a split millimeter of a second, I visualized a bear holding a hot kettle which it couldn’t drop because it was so hot and just held on to it.  That visualization shifted my thoughts from that the nagging negative interruptions to quickly dissolving them in order to carry on my positive mission.  Unaware of what time I began to sit silently (time didn’t even seem to matter); only a peace that I am unable to describe filled within me.  So, I sat and sat and sat.  I felt I was being gently pulled into the center of light, connected and free.  It was if I was a human antenna, vibrating and oscillating at high frequencies ~ radiating and receiving energy.  I really cannot say how long this experience was only that it was, and it was phenomenal.

I got up from my usual “sit” spot and felt euphoric, almost giddy but charged at the same time.  I know I had to prepare for work for the next day, yet I felt no urgency.  Approaching my bed, climbing in I lay quietly, smiling and observed not an audible voice, but an inner voice say, “all is well with you”.  Moments later I drifted effortlessly to sleep with the thought, “I am an antenna, I attract all good to me”.


The next morning shortly after arriving to work I used the land line on my desk phone to contact my cell phone provider.  I was transferred numerous times but finally reached tech support who remotely checked the OS on my phone.  You see, we are creatures of habit and my cell phone had to work!  I was told, to my surprise, my cell phone shut down due to 6 updates that were necessary for its proper operation.  I was given instructions and steps to follow once I got home so I could make sure the battery was fully charged in order to do the updates.  Approximately, four hours later my phone was back in operation.  Though relieved my cell phone was now operable, the experience I the night before was so awesome that I was eager to encounter it again.  You see, “I am an antenna, I attract all good to me”.




One thought on “Week 22(a) – “I Am an Antenna, I Attract ALL Good to Me”

  1. Excellent post! You have been doing your work it seems so that when needed…pull out all the stops! Very impressive examples in real life of how our mind can be so creative! Thanks for sharing.


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