Week 13 – “I’m a Lion”

“I am a lion and I refuse to walk, to talk or to sleep with sheep” ~ Og Mandino


in spite of the holiday distractions around me I affirm, I can be what I will to be.  I retract in stillness as I focus on my target in the darkness of my daily “sit”.  I hold firm, waiting for guidance by the light and direction through my trusty compass into my glorious future.

I stand tall for I am reminded daily by the girl in the glass, of my birthright power.

I am strong and courageous fighting the good fight of faith with my Blueprint, DMP and Dream Board.  It is not easy for diversions attempt to trick me into slothfulness with scrumptious, luscious, delightful aromas and food.  I am steadfast inspite of the brief pleasure and indulgence.  I refuse to lie down with sheep.

I am wise, royal and roar aloud as I decree the best is already in me.  I am a leader and protect good with feelings of love, joy, and peace.  I demonstrate my authority with temperance and with quite stealth I annihilate evil images.  I am a lion, therefore, I refuse to talk with sheep.

My regal head held high I conduct myself with dignity and create with purpose my destiny, no matter what…I do it now.  I stand victorious cleansed from the past and move with precision into the sunlight of wealth, position and happiness far beyond my most extravagant dreams.

With outstretched arms, I greet my future self.  I am a lion and I refuse to walk with sheep.


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