Week 18 – I Am A Hero

Businesswoman executive in focus on blurry background

The definition of hero is a person admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities; any person who tries to improve the world.  I am a hero.

I bear fruit each day as I press forth in lieu of opposition toward accomplishment of my goals.  Like a shot of double espresso surging through my brain thus my body, I call on discipline, determination and dedication within beyond human explanation.  I am a hero.

Through practice, patience, persistence as well as application, affirmation and attraction I smash down the old blueprint that stands ever ready to attack. Inspite of the nasty darts tossed at my thoughts to deter me from my future self, I concentrate.  With a vivid picture of celebration in dance and praise I glimpse at what I desire to be.  I am a hero.

The harder things “seem” to become, the more that “seems” to tap me on the shoulder of positive direction tempting to whip me around facing my old blueprient.  I stop everything and I am still.  Aware of my breathing and all that is, I relinquish my humanness and again go within.  With every rise of my chest I capture these words…honor, courage, royalty, strength and leader.  I am a hero.

What appears to others as me being stagnate (I know they are watching me – they only see me from one perspective)I see me whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy and I smile because I am free.  You see, I am  free to to love and to give without reciprocity which flows effortlessly back to me.


Today I begin a new life…I can be what I will to be…The best is already in meI persist, I succeed, I win…I always keep my promises.  I AM A Hero


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