Week 23 – Moving Toward the Finish Line

finish line 2

I AM in awe of all the awesome things that have manifested in my life from being a part of MKMMA.

From the starting line, in position open and receptive to meeting my future self the journey of discovery began slowly.  As with learning any “new” thing it was evident that personal commitment, perseverance and laser-focus had to be my daily vitamins.  In the process, as I continue to use the tools, speak aloud the affirmations, sit and meditate I can see myself (like the girl in the glass) transform.  All of my senses have heightened and like a magnet, I attracted like unto myself.  I witness the law of reciprocity in kindness active and present each day from a simple smile or hug to others giving to me without my mention of being in need.

I have a clear understanding that thoughts do become things; that any thought held long enough will manifest itself in the physical and I have what I think about most.  I have learned that my peptides and neurons fire and wire together as an electrical circuit system and when those babies, ignite positive good thoughts follow and simultaneously un-wire any negative thoughts, which fizzle with no life.

I see the law of attraction at work and marvel at the link between natural, universal and spiritual laws and amazed at how it all works together for good.

Though my journey began slowly and I am moving toward the finish line of this course.  I AM eternally grateful to God for the opportunity to participate in what has been life-altering and life-changing.   While the course may end, the work continues because I am the “star” of my own movie and write each chapter through my creative imagination and thoughts.  I see myself win!



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