Week 14 – I AM Nature’s Greatest Miracle

Energy All Around Us

We are all governed by a set of laws ~Natural, Universal and Spiritual.  These laws state the same thing and we have all heard them at some point of time in our life.

Natural:     “what you do comes back to you”

Universal:  “karma” – “you get what you put out”

Spiritual:    “you will reap what you sow”

Each of the above laws is orchestrated by our Creator.  The Universe receives what I think and say about myself and returns that back to me.  It has been pre-designed like a magnet to attract like whether good or bad; negative or positive; right or wrong.  And, there is no hesitation; I think-I say, it happens.  Bam, just like that.  Sometimes, immediately and other occasions it may take weeks, months or years.

My old blueprint had no understanding of this connection.  I spoke how I felt at the time and whoever was the ill-fated individual, got hit with a mouthful of ammunition or adverse reactions.  I did not realize that the negative thought and spoken word would boomerang back to me.  For instance, I would say, “you get on my nerves” or “you make me sick” or “I can’t afford this/that”.  In amazement, I set my own self up for past demise.  I am grateful that that is behind.

Hallelujah for truth, because the truth surely set me free!  I know that I am nature’s greatest miracle and my fingerprint has my creator’s stamp of approval.  I am unique, different, peculiar, rare and I recognize the innate characteristics which have been designed to make me who I AM.  And, that kind of brings me to an “aha” moment….I AM dwells inside me therefore, I have the same power to create by my thoughts and words.  I think and it is so + I speak and it is so = I act and it is so.  Booyah!

My gifts, talents and skills are personal to me and I use them for the outward flow of service for good to all.

Today, I begin a new life…

I AM love…

I persist and I win…

I AM nature’s greatest miracle… I AM that I AM.


Week 12 – Shift Happens


Personal growth experiences often occur in the form of a quantum leap, paradigm shift, enlightened, or “aha” moments.  It all just really boils down to a strong shift from the old blueprint to the new fantabulous me.

Sunday, December 14, 2014 was one of those moments.  During our MKMMA webcast all students were asked to participate in an exercise for 50 minutes that involved standing in front of a mirror saying our one sentence DMP (Definite Major Purpose).  Fifty minutes, one spot, my face in the mirror repeating my DMP over and over..me, wonder how this is going pan out?  Amazingly, I was not ruffled nor did I have a thought of “ this is crazy, too long”.  Instead, I immediately felt peace.  I believe it was because I desired to participate and was curious to discover the results.

It only took a few minutes before the words penetrated my frontal lobe (and my peptides got all excited), so I focused on my face while I spoke what I desire to manifest in my life.  In the beginning, I sat but not for long.  I then became animated pointing to my image with great feelings of emotions, I smiled as I continued to affirm.  Twenty minutes in I found myself standing like a conductor waving a baton to timed music, rhythmically swinging my hands left then right.

Suddenly, an “aha” moment and I quickly grabbed my cell phone and hit the recording app.  I decided that I had thirty more minutes I may as well record my voice since I was the ‘star of my own movie’.  That way I can listen to me over and over.  I am telling you fifty minutes seemed like five and I embraced the exercise, it felt good.  With my hands lifted up I shouted “yes” then a tear escaped and slowly rolled down my cheek.  I was empowered, a sense of accomplishment and awe swept over me.  And, I cried happy tears.

This is but a small step leading up to the beautiful metamorphosis of my future self.  In that moment clarity suddenly hit me, I realized I am not the same anymore.   I know that shift happens!


Week 11 – Please Stand by, this is only a Test!

test time

This week has been exceptionally challenging at my place of employment.  I am convinced that this is a test, this is only a test!

My co-worker allowed his position and anger to interfere with professionalism in speaking with me about a concern.  Instead, he felt justified to go at me like a jack hammer without reprieve.  Initially shocked, I stood speechless.  I snapped out of it to recall that I have power and I am girded with divine protection.

In spite of the darts that attempted to knock me off my path of peace, I pulled out my MKMMA ammunition.  Equipped as a warrior, I stood my ground.  Ready, I fasten my belt of truth, attached my breastplate of righteousness and put on my shoes of peace.  I held my shield of faith and wore my most important piece of clothing, my helmet to protect my mind.  Then, I grabbed my sword to slice my way through the negative expressions spoken to me.

Before I realized it after a few seconds my mouth opened and I said, “I AM whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”.  And, then I swung my sword into action again to eradicate the nasty vibrations left behind and grabbed my headphones and put them on.  I listened to my recorded voice reminding me of my definite major purpose to prevent any destructive words from filtering into my subby.  I listened for at least an hour as I continued to worked.  Soon, my heart rate lowered and my breathing returned to normal.  Determined to eliminate anger, bitterness, and resentment I had to forgive, I had to release myself from being held captive to another person’s irrational behavior.

I prayed for love to fill my heart even though everything in me was against it.  Ouch, that prayer hurt, but, I continued…I released my co-worker to be accountable to himself and for myself, that I remain free from static electricity.  With my compass in one hand, looking at a copy of my dream board neatly taped to the wall by my desk I finally smiled, ever reminded to stand by, that this is a test this is only a test!



Week 10 – I Persist Until I Succeed

persist 5


Applying each letter of the word “persist” this week helped me to discover strength to….

Sunday – P, to  push past feelings of impatience as I wait for my desired manifestations.

Monday – E, to encourage myself even when not seeing results.

Tuesday – R, to remind myself that this is a test, this is only a test.

Wednesday -S, to stand laser focused regardless of the arrows that attempt to detour me.

Thursday – I, to invite only that which will return unto me good.

Friday – S, to speak affirmations aloud to myself and the universe only what I want to happen.

Saturday – T, to think on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of a good report.

I persist until I succeed.

Thought is energy and the law of energy exists in the natural (physical), universal and the spiritual realm and is in operation 24/7 and 365 days of the year.  In other words, all the time!

Thought can be good or bad; positive or negative; right or wrong.  All things were designed with “no grey areas”.  It is what it is and that’s it.   Thinking good, positive and right or bad, negative and wrong is putting the creative process in motion to bring back or return the same to me.

Therefore, I chose to use each letter this week to go within stretching myself, my thinking good, right and positive to materialize (i.e., bring into existence) a certain desire.  Following our exercise this week, I concentrated my thought on a blank canvas, my wall, to see a black horizontal line with specific dimensions as if it were painted on the wall.  At first, I did not see the line but after about 6 seconds I did.  Then, I mentally drew 2 vertical lines connecting the horizontal line.  I pushed myself to see another horizontal line connecting 2 more vertical lines to make a square.  This was work, I squeezed those lines out so hard that I thought my eyes would pop out.  Now, I was instructed to see a circle inside the square.  What the heck happened to my square?  Where did it go?

I persist until I succeed.

Determined, I exhaled then started over.  I was going to “see” this exercise through to fruition.  After seeing the lines turn into a square and a circle inside the square I imagined a cone within.  I averted my eyes to look down at the exercise steps and the friggin image was gone again.

I persist until I succeed.

I pull out all the stops now.  Using every letter in the word “persist” and I start all over again.  This time I checked the steps prior to beginning and held the image.  Now, to turn the image from all black to white, to red, to yellow.  Ok, so I gave myself a high five and visualized the image in black.  I’m  practicing this exercise and will do so until I change the colors.  You see, thoughts become things and  I persist until I succeed.

Week 9 – “A is not just for Apple”

plant growth


This week has been physically and emotionally challenging.  With temperatures in the single digits, snow showers and freezing wind chills; special projects at work and distracts every which way; I felt as if my old blueprint was attempting to sabotage my friendship with my future self.  Determined to stand my ground I put on my invisible boxing gloves and pulled out my 3 A’s.

My arsenal includes application, affirmation and attraction.  Boxing gloves on ready to face my opponent and regain my title I throw my first punch, application.  I gather my seeds and continue to sprinkle each in my subby: DMP, Blueprint, Press Release…check; Compass, Shapes and Colors, Dream Board…check check; Recordings, 7 Day Mental Diet and Affirmations…check check check.  Weary, I press on with fervent dedication.

Loud enough for my neighbors to hear, I quickly throw in my next punch, affirmation.  I pat down the soil of each seed with “DO IT NOW; I CAN BE WHAT I WILL TO BE; I AM WHOLE, PERFECT, STRONG, POWERFUL, LOVING, HARMONIOUS AND HAPPY”.  Exhausted, I push until I gain a new surge of energy.

My opponent senses that I am not going to retaliate and I feel my final punch, attraction will win the bout with a knockout.  Like the seeds planted in my subby, I pushed through challenge, distractions and obstacles to give birth to a much more intimate relationship with my future self.  And, in the process I attract more love, peace and joy.  This week I discovered that A is not just for apple.

Week 8 – 3 P’s in a Pod

It all makes sense. Day 106 / Like 3 Peas In a Pod

Of all the voluntary and involuntary diets I have participated in the “7 Day Mental Diet” this week is by far the most challenging.  Having no opinions, coupled with not thinking negative, is natural.  Don’t believe me, ok test time.  Try not thinking negative for 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day – it’s not possible, unless trained otherwise.

How do I do this?  I replace a negative thought with a positive thought which I call a “diet pill”.  To help me, I have audio and visual stimuli such as positive pictures (happy family events, pet, fun trips, etc.) and listen to peaceful, encouraging, beautiful sounds around me and in music.  By doing this I am starving negative thinking and therefore un-wiring and un-firing it in my subby.  However, at the same time the replaced stimuli fires and wires new thinking.  Sounds like it’s not that big of a deal.  Oh yes, it is which brings me to the 1st P in the pod….practice.

  • Day 1- Monday, I was physically worn out from mentally practicing replacing negative with positive thoughts.  Even when I was feeling happy a negative thought would drive by out of nowhere.
  • Day 2- Tuesday, I purposed to watch out for the drive by’s and not think negative – as the observer I caught myself in mid-negative thought and tossed in its place a thought of my sister’s dog, played my DMP, pulled out my compass and smiled.  At least a hundred times I said aloud “no”, replaced it with a positive affirmation, thought or sound and still at day’s end I was pooped.  I retired early to bed and woke up several times during the night from crazy, negative or bad dreams.
  • Day 3 – Wednesday, unable to rest my thoughts the night before as they were all over the place I decided to stay home half day.  After my morning affirmations, prayer and reading I sat for about thirty minutes and pushed myself to think of the color purple.  Only afterwards was I ready to move forward in my 7 Day Mental Diet. I now have moved into my 2nd P in the pod….patience.  I know now that along with practice, I must be patient with myself for this is a new type of diet unlike the others involving food or media and requires proper digestion.
  • Day 4 – Thursday, my hearing seems heightened and while I listen to others communicating with me, I am aware of myself giving no opinions (unless asked and only positive) and quickly replacing negative thoughts with positive. Today, I have energy and feel relaxed.  Is this a sign???

I have 3 more days to go on the 7 Day Mental Diet and my subby feels like its losing weight.  I am more in control and it is becoming easier for me to shift my thinking into positive drive.  And, finally I am elevated to my 3rd P in the pod….persistence.  I must practice, be patient and persistent as the observer as I, the friend am acquainted with the stranger, my future self.  How do I do this?  I greet each day with love in my heart and love myself as well as others.


I think good and positive thoughts which are at a very high vibration.  The higher the vibration the greater the magnetic pull and with 3 P’s in a pod in return I receive good and positive back to me.

WEEK 7 – Turning Point, I am free!

brain muscle

How do you feel when you clean house? Kinda ruffles your feathers and gets your pants all in a bunch, right?  After you’ve gotten past the complaints and verbal atrocities, you just begin to do it.  Afterwards, you stand back taking in all that you have accomplished with everything neatly in its place and smelling pleasant.  Somehow, you cannot recall what all the fuss was about.

On Sunday, November 9, 2014 at approximately 3:45pm I experienced cleaning house that has me on a spiritual high – I AM free!  Each webcast attendee in the MKMMA course (378+) was invited to release unforgiveness and any resentment.  We were asked to clear our minds to begin to receive a cleansing prayer.  I wish I could recall verbatim the words spoken so humbly by Mark, the presenter, but all I do know is tears began to flow and the words reached deep down into my soul like a pair of tweezers plucking out years of pain.  Infact, I know over the years through prayer I have said, “I forgive” however,   it was not until this day and time that I know that I know I AM free.  You see, to move forward any and all negatives must be extinguished for they become subtle stumbling blocks in my life’s journey and block all good.  I AM no longer held captive to someone or something else’s mess.  No, that has been tossed into the big garbage can of life.

This week, I AM on a 7-Day Mental Diet to eradicate negative thinking period.  Believe it or not thinking negative is natural.  The task at hand now is to fight negative thinking by replacing it with positive.  Sounds easy, beep wrong answer, this is an invisible fight.  The little nasties do not want to vacate the premises.  So, I must partake of this diet in a super-natural way.  Anything that is not fed reduces to nothing, therefore I starve my thoughts of all negative and they shall die.

Instead, I concentrate my thoughts (which become things) on beautiful, peaceful and joyful scenes.  I decided to take this exercise up a notch and have fun with this.  I printed pictures of family, cut-out pictures of the Caribbean, drew pictures of plants, pets and pleasant scenes; posted them on my walls, at work and made copies to put inside my purse to carry around along with the shapes associated with my DMP and PPN.  I AM firing and wiring my brain to re-shape or, shall I say re-frame my thought processes.

I expect my mind to have lost quite a bit of unnecessary weight from the 7-Day Mental Diet and from this “mental strength training” sprout images of success, wealth, prosperity and abundance to which I gladly receive.  This is a turning point and I AM free.

Week 6 – Displaying Mental Pictures….my DMP


This week has been very busy calming the mental pictures cascading in my frontal lobe.  A gazillion scenes rapidly pop in and bounce around bumping into one another in my mind.   I hear a familiar echo in my subby saying, “be still, inhale then exhale slowly now focus”.  My heart rate drops and finally mental images of events, objects and scenes press their way through until I can see clearly the forms of my desires.

I gather my materials:  scissors, tape, my shapes (square, triangle, circle, rectangle), my index cards that link my Personal Pivotal Needs (PPN) with my Definite Major Purpose (DMP), paper and I’m ready to go to work.  Eager to see my blank canvas jump into life, I begin to create my dream board.   I cut out similar images of who I want to become, what I want to have, where I want to live, where I want to vacation, etc., and my life changes to match the images and those desires.

After assembling my dream board, I step back to glance and finally notice the subtle connections.  Revised DMP - 111114

Alas, alas I hear the Universe applauding for now it’s been given the green light to rearrange the atmosphere on my behalf.  My dream board is positioned where I can see it when I first wake up and looking at it feels exciting, peaceful and reassuring all at the same time.  I know that I know that displaying those mental pictures on my board brings tangible manifestations.  Today, I begin a new life and greet it with love.  Oh this is fantastico!

Week 6 – Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirror mirror

I greet this day with love in my heart.

While participating in a state funded program in 1999 called Just Do It through my church, I mentored twin sisters age 8.  The program ran for eight weeks and every Saturday I would meet with “my girls” to go over homework, talk and play games.  They along with many of the other young girls did not have good hygiene.  A request was made and approved for a company to come and give a presentation on personal etiquette for the girls which ranged in age from 8-17.  We all sat in a circle listening to the personal etiquette presentation and how important it is.  As, the woman finished her talk she passed around an item that was square and hard with a cover on it but told us not to turn the item over yet.  Then, one by one, we were instructed to turn it over.  The room was so quiet we could hear each other breathing.  The lady said “now, open what I have given you”.  We did and to my surprise it was a mirror.

Next, she said, “Look into the mirror and who do you see – but, don’t answer yet”.  For what seemed an eternity each of us stared in the mirror.  Finally, she whispered, “now to the person you see in the mirror say, I love you”.  Screech, I averted my eyes looking around the room rather than in my mirror.  I was not the only one unable to look into the mirror.  I do not recall hearing any of us, young or old saying I love you to their reflection.  Tears rolled down my face and I found myself standing as I choked out I love you to me in the mirror.  The last and most crucial exercise given to each of us was to say I love you adding our name anytime we passed a mirror and saw our reflection. The program was a success and has long ended but I still have my mirror though cracked and worn.

I smile now, I didn’t believe the words ‘I love you’ that came out of my mouth to myself back then.  Why was it so difficult?  I was born and raised with love in my home.  I recalled hurtful remarks being made  by other children growing up about my nose, or legs, or this or that.   I heard “you looks so pretty” but not  “ you ARE so pretty” and grew up with low self-confidence, esteem and image.  That made an impact on my subconscious that I did not realize was there until I was handed the mirror in that circle.  Week 6, I am reminded once again of the impact of loving myself regardless of what others think or believe about me.  Love within shows up without.  Mirror, mirror on the wall I AM love, the fairest of them all.  I greet this day with love in my heart.

Week 5 – Opinionator

Week 5 – Opinionator

The watchman at the gate stands sure-footed and in position ready to dispel any and all intruders.

Thor - Watchman 2  As the observer, this week’s goal and going forward is for me to zip my soup coolers and give no opinions.  What the hay!  Me, myself and I have got to shhhh and not give an opinion.  Oh, my my my.  This has been more challenging than when I decided to do a 40day fast to “get all the toxins out” from years of improper eating.  Ughh, this hurts more than when I fell and broke my left ankle.  For me, “the opinionator of the opinionators”, not to give MY opinion, oh this is the big one.  I marvel at myself, for I have won the battle after a week of nudges from the watchman at the gate.  Got prodded so much I said, “Ok ok I understand now”.  See, zipping my gibbers has allowed me to HEAR, not just listen to what others say.  Oh, you don’t know how big this is for me.  Ruffled my feathers, but I’m feeling pretty darn good that I have made it through, now on to the next week!  Aha, I’m standing beside the watchman smiling and watching too!