Week 15 – I’m Connecting the Dots!


This week’s exercise describes an agreement.  An orderly combination of elements that promotes Harmony.

To achieve balance on all planes of existence means I must cultivate positive thoughts to produce positive results.  Harmony is the connection of the five pillars of life (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial) that cause me to become inspired, reverent and in right relationship with all that is.

How do I accomplish harmony?  By entertaining only positive thoughts, speech and action for I reap what I sow.  Should a negative thought try to influence my subconscious (i.e., my subby) I think of a trap.  A trap catches, confines then eradicates whatever is wedged in it.  It is my responsibility to overcome fear, lack, poverty, and discord by the principle of substitution.  Do you see the connection?

It is written in the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth that a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways and that whatever and however I think, I am.  Fear and faith cannot co-exist; neither can poverty (lack) exist at the same time as abundance; nor discord exists at the same time as harmony.  One certainly cancels out the other.  Thus, I release that which no longer serves me and I issue an eviction notice to all negatives!  I give into my thought process what I want and focus on that, feel the feeling of “it” and the compound progressions bring about harmony!  I feel the connection.

Always challenged by circumstances around me, I am no longer affected by what others think of me, that is not my business.  Instead, I pull out my index cards, speak aloud my Blueprint, relive one nice moment that happens in the course of my day, identify kindness, continue to reaffirm my DMP, think/speak/act in love, sit and pray.

With all of the ingredients in agreement, I rest in harmony, I’m connecting the dots!


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