Week 17 – I Think and It Shall Be


think 1

Man has dominion over all things which is established through thought.  Thought is the substance that moves vibrations outward to attract like unto itself.  I think and it shall be.

With this understanding, I know I have enormous power to create through persistent concentrated effort to bring into existence what I give my attention to…good or bad.  It is a choice, I choose good. Depending on the intensity which I give to my thoughts the vibrations propel outward to take tangible form, and sometimes very quickly.

As with all things I desire to be successful in, I must practice concentrated good thoughts on what I desire to return back to me. Thus, the Spirit of a “thing” is the thing itself.  I dwell not on negative thoughts but replace it with positive thoughts.  For, what I think about shall be.

To eliminate fear, I concentrate on courage

To eliminate lack, I concentrate on abundance

To eliminate disease, I concentrate on health.  (Haanel, Charles F. (2012-11-03). THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM – The Secret of All Power, All Achievement and All Possession.)

How, do I do this when all around me is contrary?  It is work, however, I think on principles that will guide me out of the shadows into the sunlight of wealth, position and happiness.  As long as I think it “is” it will be.

I plant good seed in good soil and the results of the fruit thereof is good.  I persist in love, I give without condition, I think and it shall be.


10 thoughts on “Week 17 – I Think and It Shall Be

    • I tell you Joan, it has taken courage to persevere and squash the old blueprint (that still tries to think it’s boss). Everyday it is work but amazingly, it is becoming less and less a nag. Thank you for your support!


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