Week 16 – What You Do Comes Back to You


Thousands of chemical reactions go on in our brain every second.  There is a release of Serotonin;  a neurotransmitter, transmitting nerve impulses, that helps maintain a “happy feeling.

I love that Serotonin feeling when I show acts of kindness and the recipient receives it and glows.  I am charged up like an ever ready battery.  More, more I want to do more; I desire to give more.

This week I was more aware of countless acts of kindness all around me.  I witnessed powerful vibrations shifting back and forth like ping pong balls from one person to another.  Oh, it wasn’t just people I saw it demonstrated in, it was animals too!  A dog looking up to its master with so much compassion it took my breath away.  A baby smiling without hesitation when spoken to; a co-worker sharing her lunch with another co-worker; the doorman assisting visitors getting out of the limo coming into the building.  I mean 24/7 acts of kindness were obvious, there shouting hey, hey look at me.  I heard, “thank you…I love you…you’re welcome…may I help you….oh, I’ve got that” so much more this week.  And, the awesome thing is the Master Teacher said, “seek and ye shall find”.  Bingo, determined to seek out kindness it showed up everywhere and now I do not have to seek, it’s there…it’s always been there, waiting for me to notice.

IMG_0438 8 1


Like a kid in a candy store I stand in awe of kindness.  I know that the law is in effect and the kindness I release flows effortlessly back to me.  It is beyond fantastic, it is infinitely amazing!

Serotonin has a compound effect like rice krispies…snap, crackle and pop charging me to the point well, where I too glow.  I’m a floodlight bouncing off my kindness energy onto the next entity I engage.  Ahh, and soon creating an invisible electrical connection that the world lights up along with me.  Because you know, what you do comes back to you.

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12 thoughts on “Week 16 – What You Do Comes Back to You

    • Yes, I am. I was born a true type A little baby and I recall my parents saying that my mom had me on a leash. I thought Lord what the hay I’m not a dog. Recently, I saw a woman with a child who had a harness and leash attached to keep the child from jutting off. I understood then why my mom had to contain me, I was super super active and very inquisitive. I guess I relate to the ever ready bunny, ha!


    • Oh wow, thank you so very much for the compliment. Inspite of life’s detours, challenges and obstacles…I am a happy person and somehow see a silver lining in most everything. I am grateful, thank you.


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